Welcome to the first of many blog posts as we update and educate constituents on SHIFT INDY and what it means for Indianapolis & Marion County. While the new My.Indy.gov will be the culmination of this initiative, in many ways SHIFT INDY is much more than building a website. This initiative is re-imagining how you, the constituent, connects with your local government. It’s applying modern, efficient technology solutions to outdated, manual processes. It’s investing your taxpayer dollars into applications that make government easy to navigate, simple to interact with and available 24/7. We are digitizing your local government and building you a digital city hall.

A great measure of success for this initiative will be a reduction of in-person visits to the City-County Building. While for some, dropping in to our local offices may be an easy task on a lunch break, for others it can often be taxing, time-consuming, and incredibly inefficient – requiring time off from work, a loss in pay, securing a babysitter, a trip on public transit, among other inconveniences.  By making the majority of City and County services available at your fingertips and on your mobile device, we create a local government that truly works for you.

I look forward to your partnership throughout this project. Whether it’s just signing up for our regular updates, voicing your opinion at a public meeting or helping to spread the word as new services come online – your participation matters. After all, My.Indy.gov will be your website, your government, your digital city hall.

Come back for regular updates and stay tuned for the launch of your pilot site.

Ken L. Clark
Chief Information Officer