Plenty of cities have built websites with modern functionality and mobile features. So how is ours different? We’re not building it in a vacuum.

The Information Services Agency (ISA) has met with every city department and county agency to collect internal requirements. As a result, we’ve collected over 1,000 needs for the new website. The list includes everything from revamping the services local government provides, to how we should display basic contact information. We’ve learned a lot from these meetings and have validated several early assumptions, including our massive dependency on PDFs and printable forms. Furthermore, we’ve created excitement around a project that truly impacts every agency and department – by bringing them all to the table.

Externally, we have met with local businesses, civic associations and non-profit organizations to gather requirements from those perspectives. So far, we’ve collected almost 100 requirements, with more meetings scheduled in the coming weeks. We’re folding that feedback into our prioritization of service roll-outs to ensure this a website that works for everyone.

But we’re not satisfied there. The final piece of our requirements gathering is missing and that’s yours – the constituent’s perspective. As Chief Information Officer Ken L. Clark stated in his blog post, “this is your website, your government, your digital city hall.” Obviously, we can’t build it without you.

As we gear up to launch the pilot site in the coming weeks, we’re also finalizing details on public meetings and the opportunity to get your feedback. We’re waiting until after our initial launch to hold these meetings. That way, you can see the “lite” version of the new website first, get a feel for it, then tell us what you like, dislike and what you want going forward. We expect those meetings to begin in late May or early June. Updates on dates, times and locations will be provided soon.

In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on social media for updates on scheduling and sneak peeks of the new site!

Abbey Brands
Chief Communications Officer
Information Services Agency