The pilot site launched with four new digital services. Three of those services are provided by the Marion County Auditor’s Office: homestead deductions, mortgage deductions, and the new deduction search.

The new Homestead and Mortgage deduction applications are upgraded internal and public-facing digital processes, while the deduction search is a completely new feature for citizens. For the first time, Marion County citizens can quickly search and confirm what deductions are applied to their parcel. The time it takes from submitting your application to approval has also vastly improved. With a new back-end system for reviewing and approving applications, Marion County Auditor’s Office staff are moving faster than ever before to apply applicable deductions to homeowners’ parcels. A process that could take 5-10 business days when using a paper form, can now take as little as 20 minutes from submission to review.

We recently asked the Auditor’s Office a few questions about the transition and received an incredibly positive response. “This has shown how easy it can be to switch over to digital services for us and our customers,” says Colleen Lewis,  Real Estate Supervisor. “We are excited to offer more services online and streamline the process for our employees and the tax payers of Marion County.” The office also stated that the transition from paper forms to their new back-end tool has been “extremely smooth.”

While their day-to-day operations have improved, the impact these services have on their constituents hasn’t been overlooked. “The new applications are more user-friendly,” says Michele Pero, Chief Deputy Auditor. “It will also save them time and money being able to use the services from the comfort of their own home. By the customers being able to search on their own for deductions online, it cuts down the amount of duplicate applications and phone calls.”

Since launching the new services at the end of May, the Auditor’s Office has received 273 homestead deduction applications and 306 mortgage deduction applications. These digital services have made a big impact on the office and how they serve Marion County citizens – and they aren’t stopping there. In the next release of Shift Indy services, targeted for early August, additional deduction applications will be available on the pilot site. Make sure you’re following us on social media as we announce the next round of new services and how you can benefit.