The pilot site has four new services! Building upon the success of our first release, this new set of services includes three new tax deduction application forms. We also unveiled a new Bidding Opportunities page, supported by the Purchasing division of the Office of Finance and Management. This new page will create an enhanced user experience for those looking to review or bid on contract opportunities with the City/County.  Learn about all these new services below.

Now homeowners of Marion County can learn more about and apply for the following deductions:

  • Over 65 or Surviving Spouse Deduction/Over 65 Circuit Breaker Credit
    The Over 65 or Surviving Spouse Deduction is similar to other property tax deductions in that you must be a homeowner, make under a certain combined income and have an assessed property value under a certain amount. The biggest qualifier for this deduction? You guessed it! You must be 65 years of age. Surviving spouses must be at least 60 years old, and their deceased partner must have been 65 years old at time of death.
    The Over 65 Circuit Breaker Credit is different in that it is not a deduction. With this credit, your taxes will increase no more than 2 percent each year. The maximum credit you can receive = tax liability – (prior year tax x 1.02).
  • Blind or Disabled Persons Deduction
    Similar to other property tax deductions, the Blind or Disabled Persons Deduction applies to those that own a home with a taxable income under a certain amount. Applicants must have evidence of disability or blindness. For blindness, this could be a statement from your doctor or a record in the County Department of Public Welfare, State Department of Public Welfare, or Indiana Rehabilitation Services. For a disability, this could be a statement from your doctor or a Social Security disability statement.
  • Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses Deduction
    This new digital application has taken the place of three PDF forms. There are three veteran-affiliated deductions associated with this application: Totally Disabled Veteran Deduction, Partially Disabled Veteran Deduction, and Surviving Spouse of a World War I Veteran Deduction. There a multiple qualifiers that apply to each deduction. If you believe you or a loved one might qualify for one of these three deductions, please find and learn more about these deductions on

With these three new deduction forms, we have also updated the deduction search. Now if you search against your parcel using this service, you can learn which out of the five deductions available on are currently applied to your parcel.

Next we have the new Bidding Opportunities page. What used to be a long, scrolling page of text is now a functional, searchable table. Looking for an opportunity to do business with the City/County? Search by bid number, title of bid, agency or department, the bid status, service type or due date to find what you’re looking for. Furthermore, the public can now see who has registered and received a bid packet for a particular bid. This doesn’t imply they submitted the necessary documentation to be apart of the process, just that they received the details of the bid. This feature does not apply to sealed bids.

Want to know about these new services? You can always learn more Shift Indy services by visiting