Did you know you can send your my.indy.gov feedback to the Shift Indy team at any time of day? By sending an email to Shift.Indy@indy.gov, you can connect with the Shift Indy team and let us know what you’re thinking. We’re always looking for feedback as we roll out new services and content. Reviewing and applying your input is how we’ll build the best digital city hall for the constituents of Indianapolis & Marion County.

Speaking of input, we’ve received a lot! In the requirements gathering phase, we met with several external organizations within the local community. Organizations such as Americorps, Indianapolis Urban League, MIBOR, the Indiana Latino Institute, Indianapolis & Marion County Public Library and the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations (just to name a few) were incredibly valuable in expressing wants, needs and concerns for this initiative.

Some common comments included:

  • Navigation: Improve the layout and reduce number of clicks
  • Maps: Easily find a map for property information, neighborhoods, City-County Councilor districts and road closures
  • Search: Improve the search function
  • Welcome: New resident resources, educational items and a ‘virtual welcome basket’

In every external meeting, including our three neighborhood meetings, the Shift Indy team provided a survey for individuals to document their current indy.gov experience. We’ve collected some great information so far, such as:

  • 33% of respondents stated that the current indy.gov met their needs ‘not so well’ or ‘not at all well’ in a recent visit, while 44% stated the site met their needs ‘somewhat well’.
  • When asked ‘How easy was it to find what you were looking for on the website?’ 44% said ‘not so easy’, 10% said ‘not at all easy’ and 31% said ‘somewhat easy’.
  • We asked, ‘How can we improve your experience when you visit the website?’ Notable recommendations include:
    • Provide interactive neighborhood maps
    • Make the site mobile friendly
    • Keep information (content) up to date
    • Improve navigation with fewer menu options, more accurate search results and fewer clicks to find what is needed

Do you have some thoughts on the current indy.gov? The survey is still open! Head to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/shiftindy and share your feedback.