Shift Indy is kicking off 2018 in a hurry. As Chief Information Officer Ken Clark stated in his blog post earlier this month, “This next year will be spent applying what we’ve mastered, while we continue to build, learn and uncover more. More services, more content, more outreach, more opportunities.” For the first quarter of 2018, that means two releases; one earlier this month and another in February.

The January 2018 release was focused from an enterprise view on several citizen-facing services. They included:

  • “Find My” Services:
    • Find My Neighborhood Advocate: Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocates connect residents and business owners directly to city government and provide a communications link to the mayor’s office. You can use this form to find the neighborhood advocate in your area.
    • Find My Trash Pickup: Use this form to find out what day your trash and heavy trash will be picked up.
    • Find My Recycling: You can find your recycling provider and recycling pickup day using this form.
    • Find My Government Jurisdictions: Use this form to find your township, precinct, ward, and community development corporation.
    • Find My School District: Use this form to find out which Marion County school district you live in.
    • Find My IMPD District: Use this form to find which of the six Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Districts you live in.
  • Election Board:
    • Search Campaign Finance Records: When political candidates announce that they’re running for office, they must open a campaign finance committee and file regular reports on their finances. You can search these reports online using this tool.

In addition to the launch of these services, the Information Services Agency is working daily to evaluate, update and create new services. Constituents can expect new service roll-outs and website enhancements on a quarterly basis. Both the current and the new will live simultaneously as new services are rolled out and current content is redirected.

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