Right on the heels of the January 2018 release, Shift Indy has just added more exciting features to my.indy.gov.

The February 2018 release of Shift Indy services on the new my.indy.gov included the following:

  • The first iteration of intelligent site search: We want users to find what they’re looking for with ease. While a simple search bar may seem standard, what we’re building is far from ordinary. Our intelligent site search will learn as it’s used; providing relevant content and search results quickly and without digging. This is the first iteration of search, and with the lack of content on the current site, won’t be the final, robust version we’re planning. However, we’re very excited to see it go live and hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do.
  • The first iteration of City-County agency pages: We’re building a site where users won’t need to know the agency or department that provides their necessary form. A site where individuals won’t have to sleuth from page to page to find important information. However, we believe that agency pages still provide a great value to citizens and businesses. There’s fantastic information to be found regarding what you’re elected officials do, and how many departments work. We want to give you as much information as possible – we just plan to make it user-friendly and easily organized.
  • An Updated Homepage: With changes to global features such as search and agency pages, it just made sense to update the look and feel of our main page. This new look is a pivot from the pilot site launched last May, to the digital city hall my.indy.gov will soon become.
  • Newsletter Sign-up: City-County agencies and departments send out a lot of information on a regular basis. From regular newsletters, to contract bidding opportunities, our enterprise has much to keep up with. The new newsletter sign-up tool allows you to find the topics that interest you and opt-in for regular updates.
  • File a Subjective Appeal:  Property owners can now file digital subjective property tax appeals for opinion-based errors. Examples of this include: grade, condition, market adjustment, or trending factors that you believe affected your assessment.
  • File an Objective Appeal: Property owners can now file a digital objective appeal if the assessment includes statistical or processing errors. Examples of this include wrong square footage, assessed with too many bathrooms, or assessed with a fireplace when you do not have one.
  • Combine Real Estate Parcels: Property owners can use this service to combine qualifying parcels of land into one parcel for property tax purposes.

In addition to the launch of these services, the Information Services Agency is working daily to evaluate, update and create new services. Constituents can expect new service roll-outs and website enhancements on a quarterly basis. Both the current indy.gov and the new my.indy.gov will live simultaneously as new services are rolled out and current content is redirected.

To explore the new site, visit my.indy.gov