The spring season means many things for citizens of Indianapolis & Marion County. Frigid temperatures give way to warm, sunny days, March madness excitement turns to baseball spring training, and activity begins to buzz around the motor speedway. However for many Marion County offices, springtime means one thing: tax season.

There are many facets to Marion County property taxes, making the topic difficult to understand and tough to navigate. The new is here to help. Learn more below about the county offices that participate in property taxes and their available services and information on the new site.

The Marion County Assessor provides the assessed value of your home, can combine adjacent parcels for tax purposes, manages the address for mailings regarding your parcel and reviews assessment appeals.

The Marion County Auditor applies property tax deductions for eligible parcels.

The Marion County Treasurer (page soon on the new issues property tax bills and receives payment.

  • Beginning this April, individuals will be able to complete one-time payments through
  • Additional payment methods and paperless billing can be found within the Treasurer’s third-party portal

The upcoming Shift Indy release of services is focusing heavily on property taxes. As you can see, progress has already been made to make it easier for individuals to learn more about and find the appropriate deductions for their property taxes. We believe the next release will make it easier to pay those taxes, whether through a one-time payment, or by setting up a payment plan. Check back in April when we report the next batch of Shift Indy services.