The May 2018 release of Shift Indy services rolled out last week. Updates to the new include the following:

    • View Election Results: Individuals can now view current election results in a clean, mobile-friendly display.
    • Request a Streetlight: Driven by the Mayor’s Operation Night Light initiative, individuals can now use the RequestIndy tool to request a streetlight.
    • Contest a Parking Citation: Users can now request an appeal for a parking ticket or citation online.
    • Marion County Community Corrections Payment Integration: Several of our City/County eCommerce activities are maintained on the website. We’re working to integrate all of these payments onto the platform. Now individuals can search and find Marion County Community Corrections payment collections on
    • More content: As we get closer to fully transitioning to the new site, more and more content will be transferred over. Over the next few months, users will find more valuable information available at

In addition to the launch of these services, the Information Services Agency is working daily to evaluate, update and create new services and content. Constituents can expect new content, service roll-outs and website enhancements on a monthly basis. Both the current and the new will live simultaneously as new services are rolled out and current content is redirected.

To explore the new site, visit