The June 2018 release of Shift Indy services was big for Just a few weeks after its one year birthday, the website hit the fifty services mark. From homestead deductions to public records requests, we’ve improved the way our citizens and businesses interact with their local government.

Learn more about this month’s release below:

RequestIndy Entry Points: In an effort to improve the way constituents interact with all City/County services, release 17 new cards that link to the RequestIndy application. Now users have an easier way to report issues and request city services.

Request an IMPD Community Appearance: Similar to the ‘Request the Chief of Police at Your Event’ service, individuals can now request an IMPD officer or representative to attend and/or present at their event.

Request a Ride-Along with IMPD: Individuals can use this form to request a ride-along with an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer. During a ride-along, you ride with an on-duty police officer in a police vehicle.

File a Complaint on an IMPD Officer: Do you believe you were treated improperly by an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer or that an officer violated department protocols? Use this form to submit a complaint to the Citizens Police Complaint Office (CPCO).

Apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness:  Before you make exterior changes, build, or demolish a building, or need a zoning variance or rezoning of a property in an Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) historic district, you are required to apply for a certificate of appropriateness (COA). A COA shows that the IHPC has approved your proposed changes. You can use this form to apply for a COA.

In addition to the launch of these services, the Information Services Agency is working daily to evaluate, update and create new services and content. Constituents can expect new content, service roll-outs and website enhancements on a monthly basis. Both the current and the new will live simultaneously as new services are rolled out and current content is redirected.

To explore the new site, visit